Thursday, January 12, 2012

1201.2189 (Philip S. Muirhead et al.)

Characterizing the Cool KOIs III. KOI-961: A Small Star with Large Proper Motion and Three Small Planets    [PDF]

Philip S. Muirhead, John Asher Johnson, Kevin Apps, Joshua A. Carter, Timothy D. Morton, Daniel C. Fabrycky, J. Sebastian Pineda, Michael Bottom, Barbara Rojas-Ayala, Everett Schlawin, Katherine Hamren, Kevin R. Covey, Justin R. Crepp, Keivan G. Stassun, Joshua Pepper, Leslie Hebb, Evan N. Kirby, Andrew W. Howard, Howard T. Isaacson, Geoffrey W. Marcy, David Levitan, Tanio Diaz-Santos, Lee Armus, James P. Lloyd

1201.2195 (Bradley E. Schaefer et al.)

The center of the Type Ia supernova remnant SNR 0509-67.5 is empty of any ex-companion star to M_V=+8.4    [PDF]

Bradley E. Schaefer, Ashley Pagnotta

1201.2204 (Hui Tian et al.)

What can we learn about solar coronal mass ejections, coronal dimmings, and Extreme-Ultraviolet jets through spectroscopic observations?    [PDF]

Hui Tian, Scott W. McIntosh, Lidong Xia, Jiansen He, Xin Wang

1201.2318 (Guenther Ruediger et al.)

Critical field and growth rates in a columnar Gallium-Tayler experiment    [PDF]

Guenther Ruediger, Marcus Gellert, Manfred Schultz, Klaus G. Strassmeier, Frank Stefani, Thomas Gundrum, Martin Seilmayer, Gunter Gerbeth

1201.2355 (Thierry Morel)

Are magnetic OB stars more prone to mixing? Still an unsettled issue    [PDF]

Thierry Morel

1201.2364 (S. -C. Yoon et al.)

Evolution of massive population III stars with rotation and magnetic fields    [PDF]

S. -C. Yoon, A. Dierks, N. Langer

1201.2393 (Yi Cao et al.)

Classical Novae in Andromeda: Light Curves from the Palomar Transient Factory and GALEX    [PDF]

Yi Cao, Mansi M. Kasliwal, James D. Neill, S. R. Kulkarni, Yu-Qing Lou, Sagi Ben-Ami, Joshua S. Bloom, S. Bradley Cenko, Nicholas M. Law, Peter E. Nugent, Eran O. Ofek, Dovi Poznanski, Robert M. Quimby