Thursday, March 14, 2013

1303.3024 (Doris Arzoumanian et al.)

Formation and evolution of interstellar filaments; Hints from velocity dispersion measurements    [PDF]

Doris Arzoumanian, Philippe André, Nicolas Peretto, Vera Konyves

1303.3027 (P. Francois et al.)

Lithium abundance in the metal-poor open cluster NGC 2243    [PDF]

P. Francois, L. Pasquini, K. Biazzo, P. Bonifacio, R. Palsa

1303.3028 (Gaspard Duchêne et al.)

Stellar Multiplicity    [PDF]

Gaspard Duchêne, Adam Kraus

1303.3037 (K. N. Grankin)

Magnetically Active Stars in Taurus-Auriga: Photometric Variability and Basic Physical Parameters    [PDF]

K. N. Grankin

1303.3131 (Florian Rodler et al.)

Detection of CO absorption in the atmosphere of the hot Jupiter HD 189733b    [PDF]

Florian Rodler, Martin Kürster, John R. Barnes

1303.3230 (André Maeder et al.)

The thermohaline, Richardson, Rayleigh-Taylor, Solberg-Hoiland, and GSF criteria in rotating stars    [PDF]

André Maeder, Georges Meynet, Nadège Lagarde, Corinne Charbonnel

1303.3259 (Nathan K. Johnson-McDaniel)

Gravitational wave constraints on the shape of neutron stars    [PDF]

Nathan K. Johnson-McDaniel