Friday, August 24, 2012

1208.4627 (H. F. Henrichs et al.)

Discovery of a magnetic field in the early B-type star sigma Lupi    [PDF]

H. F. Henrichs, K. Kolenberg, B. Plaggenborg, S. C. Marsden, I. A. Waite, J. D. Landstreet, G. A. Wade, J. H. Grunhut, M. E. Oksala, the MiMeS Collaboration

1208.4631 (D. B. Seaton et al.)

The SWAP EUV Imaging Telescope Part I: Instrument Overview and Pre-Flight Testing    [PDF]

D. B. Seaton, D. Berghmans, B. Nicula, J. -P. Halain, A. De Groof, T. Thibert, D. S. Bloomfield, C. L. Raftery, P. T. Gallagher, F. Auchère, J. -M. Defise, E. D'Huys, J. -H. Lecat, E. Mazy, P. Rochus, L. Rossi, U. Schühle, V. Slemzin, M. S. Yalim, J. Zender

1208.4637 (J. M. Weisberg et al.)

A Temporal Map in Geostationary Orbit: The Cover Etching on the EchoStar XVI Artifact    [PDF]

J. M. Weisberg, T. Paglen

1208.4689 (Barbara Ercolano et al.)

The lifetime of protoplanetary discs: Observations and Theory    [PDF]

Barbara Ercolano, Christine Koepferl

1208.4693 (Thomas Wiegelmann et al.)

Solar Force-free Magnetic Fields    [PDF]

Thomas Wiegelmann, Takashi Sakurai

1208.4711 (B. -Q. Chen et al.)

Analysis of a selected sample of RR Lyrae stars in LMC from OGLE III    [PDF]

B. -Q. Chen, B. -W. Jiang, M. Yang

1208.4787 (B. F. N. Favier et al.)

How can large-scale twisted magnetic structures naturally emerge from buoyancy instabilities?    [PDF]

B. F. N. Favier, L. Jouve, W. Edmunds, L. J. Silvers, M. R. E. Proctor