Tuesday, December 18, 2012

1212.3613 (S. Greiss et al.)

Second data release of the Kepler-INT Survey    [PDF]

S. Greiss, D. T. H. Steeghs, B. T. Gänsicke, E. L. Martín, P. J. Groot, M. J. Irwin, E. González-Solares, R. Greimel, N. P. Gentile Fusillo, M. Still, the KIS collaboration

1212.3619 (P. Zelaya et al.)

Spectropolarimetry of the Type Ia SN 2007sr Two Months After Maximum Light    [PDF]

P. Zelaya, J. R. Quinn, D. Baade, A. Clocchiatti, P. Höflich, J. Maund, F. Patat, L. Wang, J. C. Wheeler

1212.3629 (Andrew J. Kruger et al.)

Gas and Dust Absorption in the DoAr 24E System    [PDF]

Andrew J. Kruger, Matthew J. Richter, Andreas Seifahrt, John S. Carr, Joan R. Najita, Margaret M. Moerchen, Greg W. Doppmann

1212.3646 (Sara F. Martin et al.)

The Build-up to Eruptive Solar Events Viewed as the Development of Chiral Systems    [PDF]

Sara F. Martin, Olga Panasenco, Mitchell A. Berger, Oddbjorn Engvold, Yong Lin, Alexei A. Pevtsov, Nandita Srivastava

1212.3662 (A. G. Tolstov et al.)

Coupling of matter and radiation at supernova shock breakout    [PDF]

A. G. Tolstov, S. I. Blinnikov, D. K. Nadyozhin

1212.3727 (Sonja Burgemeister et al.)

WR 120bb and WR 120bc: a pair of WN9h stars with possibly interacting circumstellar shells    [PDF]

Sonja Burgemeister, Vasilii V. Gvaramadze, Guy S. Stringfellow, Alexei Y. Kniazev, Helge Todt, Wolf-Rainer Hamann

1212.3793 (Osmi Vilhu et al.)

Modeling the X-ray light curves of Cygnus X-3. Possible role of the jet    [PDF]

Osmi Vilhu, Diana Carina Hannikainen

1212.3798 (Subhanjoy Mohanty et al.)

Dead, Undead and Zombie Zones in Protostellar Disks as a Function of Stellar Mass    [PDF]

Subhanjoy Mohanty, Barbara Ercolano, Neal J. Turner

1212.3899 (Yichen Zhang et al.)

Radiation transfer of models of massive star formation. ii. effects of the outflow    [PDF]

Yichen Zhang, Jonathan C. Tan, Christopher F. McKee

1212.3954 (R. Liseau et al.)

$α$ Centauri A in the far infrared    [PDF]

R. Liseau, B. Montesinos, G. Olofsson, G. Bryden, J. P. Marshall, D. Ardila, A. Bayo Aran, W. C. Danchi, C. del Burgo, C. Eiroa, S. Ertel, M. C. W. Fridlund, A. V. Krivov, G. L. Pilbratt, A. Roberge, P. Thébault, J. Wiegert, G. J. White

1212.3962 (M. Pignatari et al.)

The 12C + 12C reaction and the impact on nucleosynthesis in massive stars    [PDF]

M. Pignatari, R. Hirschi, M. Wiescher, R. Gallino, M. Bennett, M. Beard, C. Fryer, F. Herwig, G. Rockefeller, F. X. Timmes

1212.3987 (N. Andersson et al.)

A minimal model for finite temperature superfluid dynamics    [PDF]

N. Andersson, C. Krueger, G. L. Comer, L. Samuelsson

1212.4014 (B. Schmieder et al.)

Solar filament eruptions and their physical role in triggering Coronal Mass Ejections    [PDF]

B. Schmieder, P. Demoulin, G. Aulanier

1212.4027 (George A. Doschek et al.)

Chromospheric Evaporation in an M1.8 Flare Observed by the Extreme-ultraviolet Imaging Spectrometer on Hinode    [PDF]

George A. Doschek, Harry P. Warren, Peter R. Young

1212.4042 (Joeri van Leeuwen)

Proceedings of IAU Symposium 291 "Neutron Stars and Pulsars: Challenges and Opportunities after 80 years"    [PDF]

Joeri van Leeuwen

1212.4058 (Philip C. Gregory)

Evidence for Multiple Planets in the Habitable Zone of Gliese 667C: A Bayesian Re-analysis of the HARPS data    [PDF]

Philip C. Gregory

1212.4064 (Eirik Endeve et al.)

Conservative Moment Equations for Neutrino Radiation Transport with Limited Relativity    [PDF]

Eirik Endeve, Christian Y. Cardall, Anthony Mezzacappa

1212.4077 (I. R. Losada et al.)

Competition of rotation and stratification in flux concentrations    [PDF]

I. R. Losada, A. Brandenburg, N. Kleeorin, I. Rogachevskii

1212.4088 (R. Pinotti)

The most common habitable planets - atmospheric characterization of the subgroup of fast rotators    [PDF]

R. Pinotti

1212.4091 (Verne V. Smith et al.)

Chemical Abundances in Field Red Giants from High-Resolution H-Band Spectra using the APOGEE Spectral Linelist    [PDF]

Verne V. Smith, Katia Cunha, Matthew D. Shetrone, Szabolcs Meszaros, Carlos Allende Prieto, Dmitry Bizyaev, Ana Garcia Perez, Steven R. Majewski, Ricardo Schiavon, Jon Holtzman, Jennifer A. Johnson

1212.4127 (James E. Leake et al.)

Effect of ion-neutral collisions in simulations of emerging active regions    [PDF]

James E. Leake, Mark G. Linton