Thursday, January 10, 2013

1301.1856 (Laura Affer et al.)

Rotation in NGC 2264: a study based on CoRoT photometric observations    [PDF]

Laura Affer, Giuseppina Micela, Fabio Favata, Ettore Flaccomio, Jerome Bouvier

1301.1680 (O. Kochukhov et al.)

Magnetic field topology of the RS CVn star II Pegasi    [PDF]

O. Kochukhov, M. J. Mantere, T. Hackman, I. Ilyin

1301.1694 (C. P. Nicholls et al.)

The Dusty Aftermath of the V1309 Sco Binary Merger    [PDF]

C. P. Nicholls, C. Melis, I. Soszyński, A. Udalski, M. K. Szymański, M. Kubiak, G. Pietrzyński, R. Poleski, K. Ulaczyk, Ł. Wyrzykowski, S. Kozłowski, P. Pietrukowicz

1301.1698 (Colin P. McNally et al.)

Mineral Processing by Short Circuits in Protoplanetary Disks    [PDF]

Colin P. McNally, Alexander Hubbard, Mordecai-Mark Mac Low, Denton S. Ebel, Paola D'Alessio

1301.1727 (Kazuhiro D. Kanagawa et al.)

The structure of gas-accreting protoplanets and the condition of the critical core mass    [PDF]

Kazuhiro D. Kanagawa, M. Y. Fujimoto

1301.1804 (E. Alecian et al.)

The dramatic change of the fossil magnetic field of HD 190073: evidence of the birth of the convective core in a Herbig star ?    [PDF]

E. Alecian, C. Neiner, S. Mathis, C. Catala, O. Kochukhov, J. Landstreet, the MiMeS collaboration

1301.1821 (Michal Svanda)

An Average Supergranule: Much Larger Vertical Flows Than Expected    [PDF]

Michal Svanda

1301.1842 (Anthony Meilland et al.)

The binary Be star $δ$ Scorpii at high spectral and spatial resolution : II The circumstellar disk evolution after the periastron    [PDF]

Anthony Meilland, Philippe Stee, Alain Spang, Fabien Malbet, Fabrizio Massi, Dieter Schertl

1301.1847 (A. J. J. Raassen et al.)

The X-ray spectrum of delta Orionis observed by LETGS aboard Chandra    [PDF]

A. J. J. Raassen, A. M. T. Pollock

1301.1855 (Roberto Soria et al.)

On Cas A, Cassini, Comets and King Charles    [PDF]

Roberto Soria, Riccardo Balestrieri, Yasuyo Ohtsuka

1301.1860 (C. A. Haswell et al.)

Near-UV Absorption, Chromospheric Activity, and Star-Planet Interactions in the WASP-12 system    [PDF]

C. A. Haswell, L. Fossati, T. Ayres, K. France, C. S. Froning, S. Holmes, U. C. Kolb, R. Busuttil, R. A. Street, L. Hebb, A. Collier Cameron, B. Enoch, V. Burwitz, J. Rodriguez, R. G. West, D. Pollacco, P. J. Wheatley, A. Carter

1301.1875 (Rachel Friesen et al.)

An analysis of the deuterium fractionation of star-forming cores in the Perseus molecular cloud    [PDF]

Rachel Friesen, Helen Kirk, Yancy Shirley

1301.1908 (Gabriele Cescutti et al.)

Galactic chemical evolution: The role of the first stars    [PDF]

Gabriele Cescutti, Cristina Chiappini

1301.1920 (Sérgio Calderari Boscardin)

Analysis of a series of measurements of solar semidiameter variations during 2001 at the astrolabe of Rio de Janeiro    [PDF]

Sérgio Calderari Boscardin

1301.1921 (Sérgio Calderari Boscardin)

Diameter and solar figure observations in the solar activity context with the astrolabe of Rio de Janeiro in 1998-2003    [PDF]

Sérgio Calderari Boscardin

1301.1922 (Sérgio Calderari Boscardin)

A cycle of measurements of the solar semidiameter with the astrolabe of Rio de Janeiro (1998-2009)    [PDF]

Sérgio Calderari Boscardin

1301.1926 (Richard de Grijs et al.)

Gravitational conundrum? Dynamical mass segregation versus disruption of binary stars in dense stellar systems    [PDF]

Richard de Grijs, Chengyuan Li, Yong Zheng, Licai Deng, Yi Hu, M. B. N. Kouwenhoven, James E. Wicker

1301.1929 (Joan T. Schmelz et al.)

Atmospheric Imaging Assembly Response Functions: Solving the Fe VIII Problems with Hinode EIS Bright Point Data    [PDF]

Joan T. Schmelz, Benjamin S. Jenkins, Jason A. Kimble

1301.1944 (H. Todt et al.)

Abell 48 - a rare WN-type central star of a planetary nebula    [PDF]

H. Todt, A. Y. Kniazev, V. V. Gvaramadze, W. -R. Hamann, D. Buckley, L. Crause, S. M. Crawford, A. A. S. Gulbis, C. Hettlage, E. Hooper, T. -O. Husser, P. Kotze, N. Loaring, K. H. Nordsieck, D. O'Donoghue, T. Pickering, S. Potter, E. Romero-Colmenero, P. Vaisanen, T. Williams, M. Wolf