Wednesday, June 26, 2013

1306.5938 (Gavin Ramsay et al.)

Short duration high amplitude flares detected on the M dwarf star KIC 5474065    [PDF]

Gavin Ramsay, J. Gerry Doyle, Pasi Hakala, David Garcia-Alvarez, Adam Brooks, Thomas Barclay, Martin Still
Using data obtained during the RATS-Kepler project we identified one short duration flare in a 1 hour sequence of ground based photometry of the dwarf star KIC 5474065. Observations made using GTC show it is a star with a M4 V spectral type. Kepler observations made using 1 min sampling show that KIC 5474065 exhibits large amplitude (deltaF/F>0.4) optical flares which have a duration as short as 10 mins. We compare the energy distribution of flares from KIC 5474065 with that of KIC 9726699, which has also been observed using 1 min sampling, and ground based observations of other M dwarf stars in the literature. We discuss the possible implications of these short duration, relatively low energy flares would have on the atmosphere of exo-planets orbiting in the habitable zone of these flare stars.
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