Wednesday, June 26, 2013

1306.5904 (Pierre de Ponthiere et al.)

V0784 Ophiuchi: an RR Lyrae star with multiple Blazhko modulations    [PDF]

Pierre de Ponthiere, Franz-Josef Hambsch, Tom Krajci, Kenneth Menzies
The results of an observation campaign of V0784 Ophiuchi over a time span of two years have revealed a multi-periodic Blazhko effect. A Blazhko effect for V0784 Ophiuchi has not been reported previously. From the observed light curves, 60 pulsation maxima have been measured. The Fourier analyses of the (O-C) values and of magnitudes at maximum light have revealed a main Blazhko period of 24.51 days but also two other secondary Blazhko modulations with periods of 34.29 and 31.07 days. A complete light curve Fourier analysis with PERIOD04 has shown triplet structures based on main and secondary Blazhko frequencies close to the reciprocal of Blazhko periods measured from the 60 pulsation maxima.
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