Monday, July 22, 2013

1307.5225 (B Bhavya et al.)

Study of young stellar objects and associated filamentary structures in the inner Galaxy    [PDF]

B Bhavya, Annapurni Subramaniam, V C Kuriakose
Young Stellar Objects (YSOs) in the inner Galactic region $10^0 < l < 15^0$ and $-1^0 < b < 1^0$ are studied using GLIMPSE images and GLIMPSE data catalogue. A total number of 1107 Class I and 1566 Class II sources are identified in this Galactic region. With the help of GLIMPSE 5.8 $\mu$m & 8 $\mu$m images, we have identified the presence of 10 major star forming sites in the Galactic midplane, of which 8 of them are filamentary while 2 are possible clusters of Class I $&$ II sources. The length of the identified filaments are estimated as 8'-33' ($\sim$ 9 - 56 pc). Occurrence of Hub-Filamentary System (HFS) is observed in many filamentary star forming sites. Most of the Class I sources are found to be aligned along the length of these filamentary structures, while Class II sources have a random distribution. Mass and age distribution of 425 Class I and 241 Class II sources associated with filaments & clusters are studied through their SED analysis. Most of the Class I sources detected have mass $>$ 8M$_\odot$, while Class II sources have relatively low mass regime. Class I sources have ages $\le$ 0.5 Myr, while Class II sources have ages in the range $\sim$0.1 - 3 Myr. Along with the help of high mass star forming tracers, we demonstrate that the 10 regions studied here are forming a large number of high-mass stars.
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