Tuesday, July 9, 2013

1307.1938 (G. Barnes et al.)

Helioseismology of Pre-Emerging Active Regions III: Statistical Analysis    [PDF]

G. Barnes, A. C. Birch, K. D. Leka, D. C. Braun
The subsurface properties of active regions prior to their appearance at the solar surface may shed light on the process of active region formation. Helioseismic holography has been applied to samples taken from two populations of regions on the Sun (pre-emergence and without emergence), each sample having over 100 members, that were selected to minimize systematic bias, as described in Paper I (Leka et al., 2012). Paper II (Birch et al., 2012) showed that there are statistically significant signatures in the average helioseismic properties that precede the formation of an active region. This paper describes a more detailed analysis of the samples of pre-emergence regions and regions without emergence, based on discriminant analysis. The property that is best able to distinguish the populations is found to be the surface magnetic field, even a day before the emergence time. However, after accounting for the correlations between the surface field and the quantities derived from helioseismology, there is still evidence of a helioseismic precursor to active region emergence that is present for at least a day prior to emergence.
View original: http://arxiv.org/abs/1307.1938

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