Thursday, July 4, 2013

1307.0881 (Josh Walawender et al.)

Optical and Near-Infrared Shocks in the L988 Cloud Complex    [PDF]

Josh Walawender, Bo Reipurth, John Bally
We have searched the Lynds 988 dark cloud complex for optical (\ha{} and \sii{}) and near-IR (\mh{} 2.12 $\mu$m) shocks from protostellar outflows. We find 20 new Herbig-Haro objects and 6 new \mh{} shocks (MHO objects), 3 of which are cross detections. Using the morphology in the optical and near-IR, we connect several of these shocks into at least 5 distinct outflow systems and identify their source protostars from catalogs of infrared sources. Two outflows in the cloud, from IRAS 21014+5001 and IRAS 21007+4951, are in excess of 1 pc in length. The IRAS 21007+4951 outflow has carved a large cavity in the cloud through which background stars can be seen. Also, we have found an optical shock which is the counterflow to the previously discovered "northwest outflow" from LkHa 324SE.
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