Thursday, July 4, 2013

1307.0530 (Marcelo Gleiser et al.)

Information-Entropic Stability Bound for Compact Objects: Application to Q-Balls and the Chandrasekhar Limit of Polytropes    [PDF]

Marcelo Gleiser, Damian Sowinski
Spatially-bound objects across diverse length and energy scales are characterized by a binding energy. We propose that their spatial structure is mathematically encoded as information in their momentum modes and described by a measure known as configurational entropy (CE). Investigating solitonic Q-balls and stars with a polytropic equation of state $P = K{\rho}^{\gamma}$, we show that objects with large binding energy have low CE, whereas those at the brink of instability (zero binding energy) have near maximal CE. In particular, we use the CE to find the critical charge allowing for classically stable Q-balls and the Chandrasekhar limit for white dwarfs $({\gamma} = 4/3)$ with an accuracy of a few percent.
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