Thursday, March 7, 2013

1303.1270 (Giuseppe Colucci et al.)

Impact of relativistic chiral one-pion exchange on nuclear matter properties    [PDF]

Giuseppe Colucci, Armen Sedrakian, Dirk H. Rischke
We study nuclear matter properties in a model that features relativistic chiral one-pion exchange and contact interactions between nucleons. We apply thermal field theory methods to compute microscopically the nucleon self-energy arising from one-pion exchange and its contribution to the energy per nucleon in isospin-symmetric nuclear matter as well as neutron matter. The contact interactions are fitted to reproduce the energy density of isospin-symmetric nuclear matter at saturation as well as benchmark calculations for neutron matter. We find that relativistic one-pion exchange contributes about half of the binding energy of nuclear matter, the remainder being provided by the contact terms. We compare our model results to non-relativistic calculations based on low-momentum nucleon-nucleon potentials and discuss the symmetry energy and the compressibility of isospin-symmetric nuclear and neutron matter.
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