Thursday, March 7, 2013

1303.1190 (T. A. Pritchard et al.)

Bolometric and UV Light Curves of Core-Collapse Supernovae    [PDF]

T. A. Pritchard, P. W. A. Roming, Peter J Brown, Amanda J. Bayless, Lucille H. Frey
The Swift UV-Optical Telescope (UVOT) has been observing Core-Collapse Supernovae (CCSNe) of all subtypes in the UV and optical since 2005. We present here 50 CCSNe observed with the Swift UVOT, analyzing their UV properties and behavior. Where we have multiple UV detections in all three UV filters (\lambda c = 1928 - 2600 \AA), we generate early time bolometric light curves, analyze the properties of these light curves, the UV contribution to them, and derive empirical corrections for the UV-flux contribution to optical-IR based bolometric light curves.
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