Wednesday, March 6, 2013

1303.0833 (H. Ebadi et al.)

Transverse oscillations in solar spicules induced by propagating Alfvenic pulses    [PDF]

H. Ebadi, M. Hosseinpour, Z. Fazel
The excitation of Alfvenic waves in the solar spicules due to the localized Alfvenic pulse is investigated. A set of incompressible MHD equations in two dimensional $x-z$ plane with steady flows and sheared magnetic fields is solved. Stratification due to gravity and transition region between chromosphere and corona are taken into account. An initially localized Alfvenic pulse launched below the transition region can penetrate from transition region into the corona. We show that the period of transversal oscillations is in agreement with those observed in spicules. Moreover, it is found that the excited Alfvenic waves spread during propagation along the spicule length, and suffer efficient damping of the oscillations amplitude. The damping time of transverse oscillations elongated with decrease in k_b values.
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