Wednesday, January 30, 2013

1301.6934 (R. A. Garcia et al.)

The Sun-as-a-star observations: GOLF & VIRGO on SoHO, and BiSON network    [PDF]

R. A. Garcia, G. R. Davies, A. Jimenez, J. Ballot, S. Mathur, D. Salabert, W. J. Chaplin, Y. Elsworth, C. Regulo, S. Turck-Chieze
Sun-as-a-star observations are very important for the study of the conditions within the Sun and in particular for the deep interior where higher degree modes do not penetrate. They are also of significance in this era of dramatic advances in stellar asteroseismology as they are comparable to those measured in other stars by asteroseismic missions such as CoRoT, Kepler, and MOST. More than 17 years of continuous measurements of SoHO and more than 30 years of BiSON observations provide very long data sets of uninterrupted helioseismic observations. In this work, we discuss the present status of all these facilities that continue to provide state- of-the-art measurements and invaluable data to improve our knowledge of the deepest layers of the Sun and its structural changes during the activity cycle.
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