Wednesday, January 30, 2013

1301.6930 (R. A. Garcia et al.)

Towards solar activity maximum 24 as seen by GOLF and VIRGO/SPM instruments    [PDF]

R. A. Garcia, D. Salabert, S. Mathur, C. Regulo, J. Ballot, G. R. Davies, A. Jimenez, R. Simoniello
All p-mode parameters vary with time as a response to the changes induced by the cyclic behavior of solar magnetic activity. After the unusual long solar-activity minimum between cycles 23 and 24, where the p-mode parameters have shown a different behavior than the surface magnetic proxies, we analyze the temporal variation of low-degree p-mode parameters measured by GOLF (in velocity) and VIRGO (in intensity) Sun-as-a-star instruments on board SoHO. We then compared our results with other activity proxies.
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