Wednesday, January 30, 2013

1301.6812 (Yu Gao)

A Brief Report on Statistical Study of Net Electric Current in Opposite Polarity Longitudinal Field Area of Solar Active Regions    [PDF]

Yu Gao
The dynamic process of solar active regions is dominated by the solar magnetic field. As of now, the observation has supplied us the vector components of solar photospheric magnetic field with the solar magnetograph. The two transverse components of photospheric magnetic field allow us to compute the quantity of electric current. It is found that the electric current in the positive (negative) polarity longitudinal magnetic area have both signs in a sunspot, however, the net current is found to be an order-ofmagnitude less than the mean absolute magnitude and has a preferred sign. In particular, the net electric current is positive (negative) in negative (positive) magnetic polarity in the northern (southern) hemisphere, though in the solar minimum the tendency is reversed in some latitudinal-time bins. The result indicates that there is weak net electric current in the opposite polarity area of the solar active regions, and thus, it supplies further details of the hemispheric helicity rule found in a series of previous studies.
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