Monday, January 21, 2013

1301.4387 (J. -L. Monin et al.)

A molecular outflow driven by the brown dwarf binary FU Tau    [PDF]

J. -L. Monin, E. Whelan, B. Lefloch, C. Dougados, C. Alves de Oliveira
We report the detection of a molecular outflow driven by the brown dwarf binary FU Tau. Using the IRAM 30 m telescope we observed the $^{12}$CO(2-1) (CO) emission in the vicinity of FU Tau and detected a bipolar outflow by examining the wings of the CO(2-1) line as we moved away from the source position. An integrated map of the wing emission between 3 kms$^{-1}$ and 5 kms$^{-1}$ reveals a blue-shifted lobe at a position of $\sim$ 20 \arcsec\ from the FU Tau system and at a position angle of $\sim$ 20$^{\circ}$. The beam size of the observations is $11\arcsec$\ hence it is not possible to distinguish between the two components of the FU Tau binary. However as optical forbidden emission, a strong tracer of the shocks caused by outflow activity, has been detected in the spectrum of FU Tau A we assume this component to be the driving source of the molecular outflow. We estimate the mass and mass outflow rate of the outflow at 4 $\times$ 10$^{-6}$ \Msun\ and 6 $\times$ 10$^{-10}$ \Msun/yr respectively. These results agree well with previous estimates for BD molecular outflows. FU Tau A is now the third BD found to be associated with molecular outflow activity and this discovery adds to the already extensive list of the interesting properties of FU Tau.
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