Monday, January 21, 2013

1301.4329 (E. Dalessandro et al.)

Ultraviolet properties of Galactic globular clusters with GALEX    [PDF]

E. Dalessandro, R. P. Schiavon, F. R. Ferraro, S. T. Sohn, B. Lanzoni, R. W. O' Connell
We present ultraviolet (UV) integrated colors of 44 Galactic globular clusters (GGCs) observed with the Galaxy Evolution Explorer (GALEX) in both FUV and NUV bands. We find for the first time that GCs associated with the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy have (FUV-V) colors systematically redder than GGCs with the same metallicity. M31 GCs show almost the same UV colors as GGCs, while M87 are systematically bluer. We speculate about the presence of an interesting trend, suggesting that the UV color of GCs may be correlated with the mass of the host galaxy, in the sense that more massive galaxies possess bluer clusters.
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