Monday, January 14, 2013

1301.2499 (R-M. Ouazzani et al.)

2D non-perturbative modeling of oscillations in rapidly rotating stars    [PDF]

R-M. Ouazzani, M-A. Dupret, M. J. Goupil, D. R. Reese
We present and discuss results of a recently developped two dimensional non-perturbative method to compute accurate adiabatic oscillation modes of rapidly rotating stars . The 2D calculations fully take into account the centrifugal distorsion of the star while the non-perturbative method includes the full influence of the Coriolis acceleration. These characteristics allows us to compute oscillation modes of rapid rotators - from high order p-modes in $\delta$Scuti stars, to low order p- and g-modes in $\beta$ Cephei or Be stars.
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