Monday, January 14, 2013

1301.2496 (R-M. Ouazzani et al.)

Pulsations of rapidly rotating evolved stars    [PDF]

R-M. Ouazzani, I. W. Roxburgh, M-A Dupret
A new two dimensional non-perturbative code to compute accurate oscillation modes of rapidly rotating stars is presented. The 2D calculations fully take into account the centrifugal distorsion of the star while the non perturbative method includes the full influence of the Coriolis acceleration. This 2D non-perturbative code is used to study pulsational spectra of highly distorted evolved models of stars. 2D models of stars are obtained by a self consistent method which distorts spherically averaged stellar models a posteriori. We are also able to compute gravito-acoustic modes for the first time in rapidly rotating stars. We present the dynamics of pulsation modes in such models, and show regularities in their frequency spectra.
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