Monday, January 14, 2013

1301.2485 (H. Meszarosova et al.)

Fast magnetoacoustic waves in a fan structure above the coronal magnetic null point    [PDF]

H. Meszarosova, J. Dudik, M. Karlicky, F. R. H. Madsen, H. S. Sawant
We analyze the 26 November 2005 solar radio event observed interferometrically at frequencies of 244 and 611 MHz by the Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope (GMRT) in Pune, India. These observations are used to make interferometric maps of the event at both frequencies with the time cadence of 1 s from 06:50 to 07:12 UT. These maps reveal several radio sources. The light curves of these sources show that only two sources at 244 MHz and 611 MHz are well correlated in time. The EUV flare is more localized with flare loops located rather away from the radio sources. Using the SoHO/MDI observations and potential magnetic field extrapolation we demonstrate that both the correlated sources are located in the fan structure of magnetic field lines starting from a coronal magnetic null point. Wavelet analysis of the light curves of the radio sources detects tadpoles with periods in the range P = 10-83 s. These wavelet tadpoles indicate the presence of fast magnetoacoustic waves that propagate in the fan structure of the coronal magnetic null point. We estimate the plasma parameters in the studied radio sources and find them consistent with the presented scenario involving the coronal magnetic null point.
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