Wednesday, July 24, 2013

1307.5936 (Taichi Kato et al.)

SSS J122221.7-311523: Double Superoutburst in a Best Candidate Period Bouncer    [PDF]

Taichi Kato, Berto Monard, Franz-Josef Hambsch, Seiichiro Kiyota, Hiroyuki Maehara
We observed the 2012-2013 superoutburst of the newly identified transient SSS J122221.7-311523 and found that this object showed successive two superoutbursts. Superhumps grew in amplitude during the second superoutburst and showed a characteristic pattern of period change reflecting the growth of the superhump. Assuming that the periods of superhumps during the growing stage [0.07721(1) d] and post-superoutburst stage [0.07673(3) d], represent the dynamical precession rates at the radius of the 3:1 resonance and the radius immediately after the superoutburst, respectively, we found that this object has a very small mass ratio q=M2/M1 < 0.05. The possible orbital period from quiescent data suggests q=0.045, one of the smallest among hydrogen-rich cataclysmic variables. The long orbital period and low q make this object a perfect candidate for a period bouncer. We suggest that the peculiar pattern of double superoutburst is a result of a low q and may be characteristic to period bouncers.
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