Tuesday, January 15, 2013

1301.2762 (N. A. Tomov et al.)

Symbiotic Stars with Similar Line Profiles during Activity    [PDF]

N. A. Tomov, M. T. Tomova, D. V. Bisikalo
Line profiles containing indication of bipolar collimated outflow along with P Cyg absorption during phase of activity of several symbiotic systems are considered. The Hgamma profile of Z And during its 2006 outburst consisted of four groups of components. The profile of the HeI {\lambda} 5876 line of the Hen 3-1341 system during its 1998-2004 outburst had high-velocity satellite components on one hand and a broad P Cyg absorption on other hand. The Halpha and Hbeta profiles of the BF Cyg system during its 2006-2012 outburst had satellite components, observed for the first time, along with P Cyg absorptions. These profiles are interpreted in the light of a model related to the strong recurrent outbursts of Z And. The AG Dra system during its 2006 outburst did not contain indication of collimated outflow. Its profiles are interpreted in the light of the model related to the first outburst of 2000-2012 active phase of Z And.
View original: http://arxiv.org/abs/1301.2762

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