Monday, July 29, 2013

1307.6874 (D. I. Pontin et al.)

On the nature of reconnection at a solar coronal null point above a separatrix dome    [PDF]

D. I. Pontin, E. R. Priest, K. Galsgaard
Three-dimensional magnetic null points are ubiquitous in the solar corona, and in any generic mixed-polarity magnetic field. We consider magnetic reconnection at an isolated coronal null point, whose fan field lines form a dome structure. We demonstrate using analytical and computational models several features of spine-fan reconnection at such a null, including the fact that substantial magnetic flux transfer from one region of field line connectivity to another can occur. The flux transfer occurs across the current sheet that forms around the null point during spine-fan reconnection, and there is no separator present. Also, flipping of magnetic field lines takes place in a manner similar to that observed in quasi-separatrix layer or slip-running reconnection.
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