Friday, July 26, 2013

1307.6644 (Charles A. Kuehn et al.)

Variable Stars in Large Magellanic Cloud Globular Clusters III: Reticulum    [PDF]

Charles A. Kuehn, Kyra Dame, Horace A. Smith, Márcio Catelan, Young-Beom Jeon, James M. Nemec, Alistair R. Walker, Andrea Kunder, Barton J. Pritzl, Nathan De Lee, Jura Borissova
This is the third in a series of papers studying the variable stars in old globular clusters in the Large Magellanic Cloud. The primary goal of this series is to look at how the characteristics and behavior of RR Lyrae stars in Oosterhoff-intermediate systems compare to those of their counterparts in Oosterhoff-I/II systems. In this paper we present the results of our new time-series BVI photometric study of the globular cluster Reticulum. We found a total of 32 variables stars (22 RRab, 4 RRc, and 6 RRd stars) in our field of view. We present photometric parameters and light curves for these stars. We also present physical properties, derived from Fourier analysis of light curves, for some of the RR Lyrae stars. We discuss the Oosterhoff classification of Reticulum and use our results to re-derive the distance modulus and age of the cluster.
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