Thursday, July 18, 2013

1307.4489 (Noriyuki Narukage et al.)

Coronal-Temperature-Diagnostic Capability of the Hinode/X-Ray Telescope Based on Self-Consistent Calibration. II. Calibration with on-Orbit Data    [PDF]

Noriyuki Narukage, Taro Sakao, Ryouhei Kano, Masumi Shimojo, Amy Winebarger, Mark Weber, Kathy K Reeves
The X-Ray Telescope (XRT) onboard the Hinode satellite is an X-ray imager that observes the solar corona with the capability of diagnosing coronal temperatures from less than 1 MK to more than 10 MK. To make full use of this capability, Narukage et al. (Solar Phys. 269, 169, 2011) determined the thickness of each of the X-ray focal-plane analysis filters based on calibration measurements from the ground-based end-to-end test. However, in their paper, the calibration of the thicker filters for observations of active regions and flares, namely the med-Be, med-Al, thick-Al and thick-Be filters, was insufficient due to the insufficient X-ray flux used in the measurements. In this work, we recalibrate those thicker filters using quiescent active region data taken with multiple filters of XRT. On the basis of our updated calibration results, we present the revised coronal-temperature-diagnostic capability of XRT.
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