Wednesday, July 17, 2013

1307.4218 (Michael Gruberbauer et al.)

Bayesian Asteroseismology of 23 Solar-Like Kepler Targets    [PDF]

Michael Gruberbauer, David B. Guenther, Kieran MacLeod, Thomas Kallinger
We study 23 previously published Kepler targets to perform a consistent grid-based Bayesian asteroseismic analysis and compare our results to those obtained via the Asteroseismic Modelling Portal (AMP). We find differences in the derived stellar parameters of many targets and their uncertainties. While some of these differences can be attributed to systematic effects between stellar evolutionary models, we show that the different methodologies deliver incompatible uncertainties for some parameters. Using non-adiabatic models and our capability to measure surface effects, we also investigate the dependency of these surface effects on the stellar parameters. Our results suggest a dependence of the magnitude of the surface effect on the mixing length parameter which also, but only minimally, affects the determination of stellar parameters. While some stars in our sample show no surface effect at all, the most significant surface effects are found for stars that are close to the Sun's position in the HR diagram.
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