Monday, July 15, 2013

1307.3502 (G. Fontaine et al.)

Observational Asteroseismology of Hot Subdwarf Stars with the Mont4K/Kuiper Combination at the Steward Observatory Mount Bigelow Station    [PDF]

G. Fontaine, E. M. Green, S. Charpinet, M. Latour, S. K. Randall, V. Van Grootel, P. Brassard, several undergraduate students at University of Arizona
In the last few years, we have carried out several extensive observational campaigns on pulsating hot subdwarf stars using the Mont4K CCD camera attached to the 1.55 m Kuiper Telescope on Mount Bigelow. The Mont4K is a joint partnership between the University of Arizona and Universite de Montreal. It was designed and built at Steward Observatory. Using the Mont4K/Kuiper combination, we have so far, and among others, gathered high-sensitivity broadband light curves for PG 1219+534, PB8783, HS 0702+6043, and Feige 48. We report very briefly on some of the most interesting observational results that came out of these campaigns.
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