Wednesday, March 20, 2013

1303.4688 (Aldo A. R. Valcarce et al.)

Fundamental properties of nearby stars and the consequences on DeltaY/DeltaZ    [PDF]

Aldo A. R. Valcarce, Márcio Catelan, José R. De Medeiros
One of the greatest difficulties in astrophysics is the determination of the fundamental stellar parameters (FSPs), one of which is the initial mass fraction of helium (Y). However, given that Y can be measured spectroscopically in only a small percentage of stars, a linear relationship is assumed between Y and the mass fraction of metals (Z). This Y-Z relation is generally represented as Y=Yp+DY/DZxZ, with the value of the helium-to-metal enrichment ratio (DY/DZ) assumed as a constant. However, there is no fundamental reason for every star to have a Y value on a linear scale with Z. In this paper a method for determining the FSPs of nearby stars is presented that uses at the same time Mbol, Teff, and log g. One of these parameters is Y, which is used to determine the validity of the Y-Z relation. A new set of evolutionary tracks is created using the PGPUC stellar evolution code, which includes 7 masses (0.5View original:

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