Wednesday, March 20, 2013

1303.4647 (H. Tian et al.)

CoMP observations of Coronal Mass Ejections    [PDF]

H. Tian, S. Tomczyk, S. W. McIntosh, C. Bethge, G. de Toma, S. Gibson
CoMP measures not only the polarization of coronal emission, but also the full radiance profiles of coronal emission lines. For the first time, CoMP observations provide high-cadence image sequences of the coronal line intensity, Doppler shift and line width simultaneously in a large field of view. By studying the Doppler shift and line width we may explore more of the physical processes of CME initiation and propagation. Here we identify a list of CMEs observed by CoMP and present the first results of these observations. Our preliminary analysis shows that CMEs are usually associated with greatly increased Doppler shift and enhanced line width. These new observations provide not only valuable information to constrain CME models and probe various processes during the initial propagation of CMEs in the low corona, but also offer a possible cheap and low-risk means of space weather monitoring.
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