Tuesday, March 5, 2013

1303.0151 (George Machabeli Giorgi Dalakishvili Vladimir Krasnoselskikh)

Generation of Electrostatic Waves via Parametric Instability and Heating of Solar Corona    [PDF]

George Machabeli Giorgi Dalakishvili Vladimir Krasnoselskikh
In the upper layers of the solar atmosphere the temperature increases sharply. We studied possibility of the transfer of neutrals motion energy into the electrostatic waves.Electrostatic waves could damp in the upper layers of the solar atmosphere and their energy could be transformed into the thermal energy of the solar atmosphere plasma. When studying the plasma dynamics in the low altitudes of the solar atmosphere, we investigated hydrodynamics of the plasma which consists of thee components-electrons, ions and neutrals. In order to study evolution of disturbances of high amplitudes the parametric resonance technique is used. The dispersion relation for the electrostatic waves excited due tot he motion of neutrals is derived. The frequencies of electromagnetic waves which could be excited due to existence of the acoustic wave are found. The increment of excited electrostatic waves are determined. The motion of the neutrals in the lower solar atmosphere, where ionization rate is low, could excite electrostatic waves. In the upper solar atmosphere the ionization rate increases and motion of the neutrals could not support electrostatic waves and these waves could damp due to the collision of the charged particles. The energy of the damping waves could be transformed into the thermal energy of the plasma in the upper atmosphere.
View original: http://arxiv.org/abs/1303.0151

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