Monday, March 11, 2013

1303.1850 (Charles R. Cowley et al.)

The Herbig Ae SB2 System HD 104237    [PDF]

Charles R. Cowley, Fiorella Castelli, Swetlana Hubrig
The double-lined spectroscopic binary HD 104237 (DX Cha) is part of a complex system of some half-dozen nearby young stars. We report a significant change from an orbit for the SB2 system derived from 1999-2000 observations. We obtain abundances from the primary and secondary spectra. The abundance analysis uses both detailed spectral synthesis and determinations based on equivalent widths of weak absorption lines with W(lambda) typically < 25 mA. Abundances are derived for 25 elements in the primary, and 17 elements in the secondary. Apart from lithium and zirconium, abundances do not depart significantly from solar. Lithium may be marginally enhanced with respect to the meteoritic value in the primary. It somewhat depleted in the secondary. The emission-line spectrum is typical of Herbig Ae stars. We compare and contrast the spectra of the HD 104237 primary and two other Herbig Ae stars with low v.sin(i), HD 101412 and HD 190073.
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