Thursday, January 24, 2013

1301.5439 (L. B. Leinson)

Neutrino emissivity of anisotropic neutron superfluids    [PDF]

L. B. Leinson
We examine the influence of the anisotropy of the superfluid energy gap and residual Fermi-liquid interactions in the triplet-correlated neutron liquid onto neutrino energy losses through neutral weak currents. The neutrino-pair emission caused by the pair breaking and formation processes and by the spin-wave decays is considered for the case of the $^{3}P_{2}$ pairing in the state with $m_{j}=0$. The simple analytical formulae are obtained. A comparison with the previous results of the average-angle approach shows that the gap anisotropy leads to quenching of the neutrino emissivity caused by the pair recombination processes on about 15% and to substantial suppression of the spin-wave decays. Residual particle-hole interactions increase the energy losses in both the channels on about 5%.
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