Sunday, August 4, 2013

1308.0261 (Orlin Stanchev et al.)

Relationship between molecular cloud structure and density PDFs    [PDF]

Orlin Stanchev, Sava Donkov, Todor V. Veltchev, Rahul Shetty
Volume and column density PDFs in molecular clouds are important diagnostics for understanding their general structure. We developed a novel approach to trace the cloud structure by varying the lower PDF cut-off and exploring a suggested mass-density relationship with a power-law index $x^\prime$. The correspondence of x' as a function of spatial scale to the slope of the high-density PDF tail is studied. To validate the proposed model, we use results from hydrodynamical simulations of a turbulent self-gravitating cloud and recent data on dust continuum emission from the Planck mission.
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