Wednesday, July 31, 2013

1307.7936 (Irene Tamborra et al.)

Neutrino signature of supernova hydrodynamical instabilities in three dimensions    [PDF]

Irene Tamborra, Florian Hanke, Bernhard Mueller, Hans-Thomas Janka, Georg Raffelt
The first full-scale three-dimensional (3D) core-collapse supernova (SN) simulations with sophisticated neutrino transport show pronounced effects of the standing accretion shock instability (SASI) for two high-mass progenitors (20 and 27 M_sun). In a low-mass progenitor (11.2 M_sun), large-scale convection is the dominant nonradial hydrodynamic instability in the postshock accretion layer. The SASI-associated modulation of the neutrino signal (80 Hz in our two examples) will be clearly detectable in IceCube or the future Hyper-Kamiokande detector, depending on progenitor properties, distance, and observer location relative to the main SASI sloshing direction. The neutrino signal from the next galactic SN can therefore diagnose the nature of the hydrodynamic instability.
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