Thursday, July 11, 2013

1307.2657 (Mark J. Pecaut et al.)

Intrinsic Colors, Temperatures, and Bolometric Corrections of Pre-Main Sequence Stars    [PDF]

Mark J. Pecaut, Eric E. Mamajek
We present an analysis of the intrinsic colors and temperatures of 5-30 Myr old pre-main sequence (pre-MS) stars using the F0 through M9 type members of nearby, negligibly reddened groups: Eta Cha cluster, TW Hydra Association, Beta Pic Moving Group, and Tucana-Horologium Association. To check the consistency of spectral types from the literature, we estimate new spectral types for 52 nearby pre-MS stars with spectral types F3 through M4 using optical spectra taken with the SMARTS 1.5-m telescope. Combining these new types with published spectral types, and photometry from the literature (Johnson-Cousins BVIc, 2MASS JHKs and WISE W1, W2, W3, and W4), we derive a new empirical spectral type-color sequence for 5-30 Myr old pre-MS stars. Colors for pre-MS stars match dwarf colors for some spectral types and colors, but for other spectral types and colors, deviations can exceed 0.3 mag. We estimate effective temperatures (Teff) and bolometric corrections (BCs) for our pre-MS star sample through comparing their photometry to synthetic photometry generated using the BT-Settl grid of model atmosphere spectra. We derive a new Teff and BC scale for pre-MS stars, which should be a more appropriate match for T Tauri stars than often-adopted dwarf star scales. While our new Teff scale for pre-MS stars is within ~100 K of dwarfs at a given spectral type for stars View original:

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