Wednesday, July 3, 2013

1103.1766 (D. Sudar et al.)

UX Monocerotis as a W Serpentis binary    [PDF]

D. Sudar, P. Harmanec, H. Lehmann, S. Yang, H. Božić, D. Ruždjak
Using our new photometric and spectroscopic observations as well as all available published data, we present a new interpretation of the properties of the peculiar emission-line binary UX Mon. We conclude that this binary is in a rare phase of fast mass transfer between the binary components prior to the mass ratio reversal. We firmly establish that the orbital period is secularly decreasing at a rate of $\dot{P}=-0.260$ seconds per year. From several lines of reasoning, we show that the mass ratio of the component losing mass to the mass-gaining component $q$ must be larger than 1 and find our most probable value to be $q=1.15\pm0.1$. The BINSYN suite of programs and the steepest descent method were used to perform the final modeling. We modeled the star as a W Ser star with a thick disk around its primary. Although the remaining uncertainties in some of the basic physical elements describing the system in our model are not negligible, the model is in fair agreement with available observations. Only the nature of the light variations outside the primary eclipse remains unexplained.
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