Thursday, June 20, 2013

1306.4665 (V. V. Breus et al.)

Variability of the Spin Period of the White Dwarf in the Intermediate Polar V405 Aur: Low-Mass Third Body or Precession ?    [PDF]

V. V. Breus, I. L. Andronov, P. Dubovsky, S. V. Kolesnikov, E. A. Zhuzhulina, T. Hegedus, P. Beringer, K. Petrik, J. W. Robertson, I. Kudzej, N. M. Shakhovskoy
We present the results of photometric CCD observations of the magnetic cataclysmic variable V405 Aurigae (RX J0558.0+5353 = 1RXS J055800.7+535358) obtained using different instruments. We analysed variability of the spin period of the white dwarf in the V405 Aur (RX J0558.0+5353) system using our observations and previously published maxima timings. The spin period of the system in 2010-2012 is $P=545.4558163(94)$s. As we have gaps in observational data, we present 2 hypotheses of the spin period variability of this system - a cubic ephemeris which may be interpreted by a precession of the magnetic white dwarf or a periodic change with a period of 6.2 years and semi-amplitude of $17.2\pm1.8$ sec. The periodic variations may be interpreted by a light-time effect caused by a low-mass star ($M_3\ge0.09M_\odot$). In this case, the system belongs to a rare class of cataclysmic variables with a third body.
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