Wednesday, March 13, 2013

1303.2921 (Linda Schmidtobreick et al.)

Old novae and the SW Sex phenomenon    [PDF]

Linda Schmidtobreick, Claus Tappert
From a large observing campaign, we found that nearly all non- or weakly magnetic cataclysmic variables (CVs) in the orbital period range between 2.8 and 4 hours are of SW Sex type and as such experience very high mass transfer rates. The exceptions seem to be some old novae that have periods around 3.5 h. Their spectra do not show the typical SW Sex characteristics but rather resemble those of dwarf novae with low mass transfer rates. The presence of old novae in this period range of SW Sex stars that do not follow the trend but show instead rather low mass transfer rates is interpreted as evidence for an effect of the nova eruption on the mass transfer rate of the underlying CV similar to the hibernation scenario.
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