Tuesday, March 12, 2013

1303.2207 (Alan C. Calder et al.)

The influence of chemical composition on models of Type Ia supernovae    [PDF]

Alan C. Calder, Brendan K. Krueger, Aaron P. Jackson, Dean M. Townsley
Type Ia supernovae are bright stellar explosions distinguished by standardizable light curves that allow for their use as distance indicators for cosmological studies. Despite the highly successful use of these events in this capacity, many fundamental questions remain. Contemporary research investigates how properties of the progenitor system that follow from the host galaxy such as composition and age influence the brightness of an event with the goal of better understanding and assessing the intrinsic scatter in the brightness. We provide an overview of these supernovae and proposed progenitor systems, all of which involve one or more compact stars known as white dwarfs. We describe contemporary research investigating how the composition and structure of the progenitor white dwarf systematically influences the explosion outcome assuming the progenitor is a single white dwarf that has gained mass from a companion. We present results illustrating some of these systematic effects from our research.
View original: http://arxiv.org/abs/1303.2207

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