Friday, March 8, 2013

1303.1715 (Lucie Alvan et al.)

The coupling between internal waves and shear-induced turbulence in stellar radiation zones: the critical layer    [PDF]

Lucie Alvan, Stephane Mathis, Thibaut Decressin
Internal gravity waves (hereafter IGWs) are known as one of the candidates for explaining the angular velocity profile in the Sun and in solar-type main-sequence and evolved stars, due to their role in the transport of angular momentum. Our bringing concerns critical layers, a process poorly explored in stellar physics, defined as the location where the local relative frequency of a given wave to the rotational frequency of the fluid tends to zero (i.e that corresponds to co-rotation resonances). IGW propagate through stably-stratified radiative regions, where they extract or deposit angular momentum through two processes: radiative and viscous dampings and critical layers. Our goal is to obtain a complete picture of the effects of this latters. First, we expose a mathematical resolution of the equation of propagation for IGWs in adiabatic and non-adiabatic cases near critical layers. Then, the use of a dynamical stellar evolution code, which treats the secular transport of angular momentum, allows us to apply these results to the case of a solar-like star.The analysis reveals two cases depending on the value of the Richardson number at critical layers: a stable one, where IGWs are attenuated as they pass through a critical level, and an unstable turbulent case where they can be reflected/transmitted by the critical level with a coefficient larger than one. Such over-reflection/transmission can have strong implications on our vision of angular momentum transport in stellar interiors. This paper highlights the existence of two regimes defining the interaction between an IGW and a critical layer. An application exposes the effect of the first regime, showing a strengthening of the damping of the wave. Moreover, this work opens new ways concerning the coupling between IGWs and shear instabilities in stellar interiors.
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