Thursday, January 31, 2013

1301.7256 (Marica Valentini et al.)

GAUFRE: a tool for an automated determination of atmospheric parameters from spectroscopy    [PDF]

Marica Valentini, Thierry Morel, Andrea Miglio, Luca Fossati, Ulisse Munari
We present an automated tool for measuring atmospheric parameters (T_eff, log(g), [Fe/H]) for F-G-K dwarf and giant stars. The tool, called GAUFRE, is written in C++ and composed of several routines: GAUFRE-RV measures radial velocity from spectra via cross-correlation against a synthetic template, GAUFRE-EW measures atmospheric parameters through the classic line-by-line technique and GAUFRE-CHI2 performs a chi^2 fitting to a library of synthetic spectra. A set of F-G-K stars extensively studied in the literature were used as a benchmark for the program: their high signal-to-noise and high resolution spectra were analysed by using GAUFRE and results were compared with those present in literature. The tool is also implemented in order to perform the spectral analysis after fixing the surface gravity (log(g)) to the accurate value provided by asteroseismology. A set of CoRoT stars, belonging to LRc01 and LRa01 fields was used for first testing the performances and the behaviour of the program when using the seismic log(g).
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