Friday, January 18, 2013

1301.4140 (Fabíola Campos et al.)

Panchromatic fits to the Globular Cluster NGC 6366    [PDF]

Fabíola Campos, S. O. Kepler, C. Bonatto
We present panchromatic isochrone fits to the color magnitude data of the globular cluster NGC 6366, based on HST ACS/WFC and SOAR photometric data. Before performing the isochrone fits, we corrected the photometric data for differential reddening and calculated the mean ridge line of the color magnitude diagrams. We compared the isochrones of Dartmouth Stellar Evolution Database and PAdova and TRieste Stellar Evolution Code (with microscopic diffusion starting on the main sequence). Based on previous determinations of the metallicity of this cluster we test it from [Fe/H]=-1.00 to [Fe/H]= -0.50, and the age from 9 to 13 Gyrs. The uncertainties do not decrease when we fit simultaneous colors. We also find that the Dartmouth Stellar Evolution Database isochrones have a better fit in the sub giant branch and low main sequence than the PAdova and TRieste Stellar Evolution Code. Considering the most recent spectroscopic determination of the metallicity ([Fe/H]= -0.67), we find E(B-V)=0.69+/-0.02, (m-M)_V=15.02+/-0.07 and 11+/-2 Gyr for NGC 6366.
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