Thursday, January 17, 2013

1301.3610 (Kazutaka Motoyama et al.)

Effects of Magnetic Field and FUV Radiation on the Structures of Bright-rimmed Clouds    [PDF]

Kazutaka Motoyama, Tomofumi Umemoto, Hsien Shang, Tatsuhiko Hasegawa
The bright-rimmed cloud SFO 22 was observed with the 45 m telescope of Nobeyama Radio Observatory in the ^{12}CO (J = 1-0), ^{13}CO (J = 1-0), and C^{18}O (J = 1-0) lines, where well-developed head-tail structure and small line widths were found. Such features were predicted by radiation-driven implosion models, suggesting that SFO 22 may be in a quasi-stationary equilibrium state. We compare the observed properties with those from numerical models of a photo-evaporating cloud, which include effects of magnetic pressure and heating due to strong far-ultraviolet (FUV) radiation from an exciting star. The magnetic pressure may play a more important role in the density structures of bright-rimmed clouds, than the thermal pressure that is enhanced by the FUV radiation. The FUV radiation can heat the cloud surface to near 30 K, however, its effect is not enough to reproduce the observed density structure of SFO 22. An initial magnetic field of 5 \mu G in our numerical models produces the best agreement with the observations, and its direction can affect the structures of bright-rimmed clouds.
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