Wednesday, January 9, 2013

1301.1352 (Andrei Tokovinin)

Kappa Fornaci, a triple radio-star    [PDF]

Andrei Tokovinin
Bright and nearby (22pc) solar-type dwarf Kappa Fornaci (HIP 11072) is a triple system. The close pair of M-type dwarfs Ba,Bb with a tentative period of 3.7 days moves around the main component A on a 26-year orbit. The mass of the "dark companion" Ba+Bb is comparable to the mass of A, causing large motion of the photo-center. The combined spectro-interferometric orbit of AB is derived and the relative photometry of the components A and B is given. A weak signature of Ba and Bb is detected in the high-resolution spectra by cross-correlation and by variable emission in the Bahlmer hydrogen lines. The activity of the M-dwarfs, manifested by a previously detected radio-flare, is likely maintained by synchronization with their tight orbit. We discuss the frequency of similar hidden triple systems, methods of their detection, and the implications for multiple-star statistics.
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